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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Set management access config

Set the configuration for one of the system management services.

HTTP request syntax (URI)
PATCH <base_URI>/v8/storage/file-devices/management-access/{type}
Name Type Required Values Description
typeURI_PARAMY string

Specifies the management access type. Accepted values are:

  • ssc
  • vss
  • rest
  • https
isEnabledBODYNbooleanControls whether access to the specific management interface is enabled or not.
restrictedHostsBODYNbooleanRestrict access to only those hosts in the allowedHosts list.
isEvsIpAddressAllowedBODYNbooleanAllow access via EVS addresses, in addition to the management addresses.
portBODYNintegerPort that the specific management interface listens on.
allowedHostsBODYNlist of stringsSpecifies a list of hosts allowed to access the specific management interface. The host values can be either IP address or valid DNS names
maxAllowedConnectionsBODYNintegerMaximum number of allowed concurrent connections.
Return codes
Code Data Description
204 No DataManagement access successfully updated.
400 Error Message Missing or invalid request contents.
403Error MessageOperation forbidden by access level.
500 Error message Error associated with the storage system.

Any HTTP status code other than 204 indicates that the API did not complete successfully.

Request example 1: Restrict SSC access to 2 specific hosts
curl -vk -H "X-Api-Key: zrxvSDAv9x.RIP4gkmKarG3beF.or.4Tc2im7oeqYN88C9XPGHxbXC" -X PATCH -d '{"allowedHosts":["", ""], "restrictedHosts":true}'
Response example 1
HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
Request example 2: Set the number of allowed REST API connections to 20
curl -vk -H "X-Api-Key: zrxvSDAv9x.RIP4gkmKarG3beF.or.4Tc2im7oeqYN88C9XPGHxbXC" -X PATCH -d '{"maxAllowedConnections":20}'
Response example 2
HTTP/1.1 204 No Content


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