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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Node object model

The object model describing this resource contains the following objects.

Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
firmwareVersion string string Firmware version of the node.
ipAddresses array array IP addresses of the node.
model string string Model of the node.
name string string Name of the node.
nodeId number uint Node ID on a device. The node ID starts from 1.
objectId string string Node object unique identifier. This ID is not the HNAS storage node ID.
serial string string Serial number of the node
status string string Status of the node. Possible values are:
  • NOT_UP
  • DEAD
  • UP
uptimestringstringTextural representation of the node uptime.
uptimeInSecondsnumberuint64Node uptime, in seconds.
UUID string string UUID of the node.
Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
eventId number int64 Event ID.
severity string string Event severity, one of the following levels:
  • INFO
category string string Event category, one of the following levels:
timeStamp number int64 Time of the event in clock ticks since an epoch.
text string string Event description.
clusterNodeId number ushort Cluster node ID.
Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
causestringstring Why the event has occurred.
eventIdnumberinteger Unique ID for the type of event log message.
resolutionstringstringWhat can be done to resolve the issue.
Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
cidrstringstringLength of the network mask, in bits, in a format that can be appended to the IP address.
ipAddressstringstringIPv4 or IPv6 address.
netmaskstringstringNetwork mask associated with the IP address.
portstringstringPort that the IP address is associated with – this can either be a physical, aggregate or VLAN interface.


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