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FTP object model

The object model describing this resource contains the following objects.

AttributeJSON typeData typeDescription
anonymousReadOnlybooleanbooleanTrue restricts anonymous sessions to read-only access. False allows anonymous users read-write access.
timeoutnumberintegerThe FTP session inactivity time-out value in minutes.
useNisSecuritybooleanbooleanTrue if FTP logins are authenticated using a NIS server in the configured NIS domain.
useNtSecuritybooleanbooleanTrue if FTP logins are authenticated using a Windows domain controller in the configured CIFS/SMB domain. If both NT and NIS security are true, NT authentication will be tried first.
Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
filesystemIdstringstringHNAS filesystem ID that holds the logs files.
isEnabledbooleanbooleanTrue if FTP logging is enabled
loggingDirectorystringstringAbsolute directory path that contains the log files..
numberOfLogFilesnumberintegerMaximum number of log files
numberOfRecordsPerFilenumberintegerNumber of records each log file can contain. When this value is reached a new log file will be created.
AttributeJSON TypeData TypeDescription
filesystemIdstringstringHNAS filesystem ID
initialDirectorystringstringInitial directory where the FTP user connects.
namestringstringName of the FTP user.
objectIdstringstringUnique identifier of the FTP user.


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