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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

iSCSI object model

The iSCSI object model describing this resource contains the following objects.

Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
objectId string string ID of the resource.
iSCSIId string string iSCSI identifier name.
virtualServerId number ushort Virtual server ID.
comment string string Note about the iSCSI object.
accessConfig string string Access configuration of the iSCSI.
isAuthenticationEnabled boolean boolean Authentication flag enabled.
secret string string iSCSI secret.
iSCSILogicalUnits object object Array of iSCSI logical unit objects.
globalUniqueName string string Global unique name.
isRegenerateGUN boolean boolean IsRegenerateGUN flag.
Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
logicalUnitId string string Logical unit ID.
logicalUnitnumber ushort The LUN that is assigned to the logical unit.


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