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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

System drive object model

The object model describing this resource contains the following objects.

Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
objectId string string System drive unique identifier.
systemDriveId number uint System drive ID.
status string string Status of the system drive. Possible values are:
  • OK
uniqueId string string Unique identifier of the storage system drive.
label string string System drive label.
comment string string Comment associated with the system drive.
capacity number int Capacity of the drive in bytes.
rackName string string The serial number of the storage system to which the system drive belongs
queueDepth number int The queue depth of a system drive. The default value is -1. The value range for setting is 16 to 512.
mirrorDriveUniqueId string string Unique ID of the mirror drive associated with the system drive. If there is no mirror drive, the string is empty.
isAssignedToStoragePool boolean boolean True if the drive is assigned to a storage pool.
isMirrored boolean boolean True if the drive has a mirror drive associated with it.
isAccessAllowed boolean boolean True if access to the drive is enabled.
isMirrorPrimary boolean boolean True if the system drive is mirrored and it is the primary mirror.
vendor string string Manufacturer of the storage system.
model string string Model of the storage system.
tier string string The tier status that the system drive belongs to. Possible values are:
  • TIER0
  • TIER1
controllerPort string string Controller port.
externalLUN string string External LUN.
internalLUN string string Internal LUN.
subModel string string Sub model.


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