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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Storage pool object model

The object model describing this resource contains the following objects.

Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
objectId string string Storage pool object unique identifier.
storagePoolId number uint64 Storage pool ID.
label string string Storage pool label.
totalCapacity number uint64 Total capacity in bytes.
usedCapacity number uint64 Used capacity in bytes.
freeCapacity number uint64 Free capacity in bytes.
chunkSize number uint64 Chunk size in bytes.
isHealthy boolean boolean True if storage pool is in healthy condition.
isTiered boolean boolean True if storage pool is tiered.
isFilesystemExpansionAllowed boolean boolean True if allowed.
isAssignedToLocalCluster boolean boolean True if assigned.
Attribute JSON Type Data Type Description
arraySerial string string Serial number of the Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) pool storage system.
freeSpace number integer Free space (in bytes) of the HDP pool.
poolIds array array List of other storage pools that are included in this HDP pool.
poolNumber number integer HDP pool number.


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