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Create an object replication periodic schedule

Creates an object replication periodic schedule.

HTTP request syntax (URI)
POST <base_URI>/v7/storage/object-replication-schedules/periodic-schedule
Name Type Required Values Description
objectReplicationPolicyObjectId BODY Y string Object ID of an object replication policy.
interval BODY Y number Periodic interval.
unit BODY Y string Interval unit. Current supports values are:
  • HOUR
  • DAY
  • WEEK
noEarlyThan BODY N number Equivalent to the nextRunSchedule value, which indicates when the policy will next be run. If omitted a default value of 0 will be used.
noLaterThan BODY N number Equivalent to the finalRunSchedule value, which indicates the final time the policy will be execuated. If omitted, the schedule will continue indefinately.
isPeriodic BODY N boolean True indicates periodic; False indicates continuous. Default is TRUE.
Return codes
Code Data Description
201 objectReplicationSchedule An object replication periodic schedule was created successfully.
400 No Data Missing or invalid request contents.
404 Error Message Requested resource not found.
500 Error message Error associated with the storage system.
501 No Data Server has not implemented the request operation on the resource.

Any HTTP status code other than 201 indicates that the API did not complete successfully.

Request example
curl -vk -H "X-Api-Key: zrxvSDAv9x.RIP4gkmKarG3beF.or.4Tc2im7oeqYN88C9XPGHxbXC" -X POST -d '{"interval":1, "unit":"DAY", "objectReplicationPolicyObjectId":"343a3a3a63376434346636362d373637632d3131 64322d393036612d3439653162623836346232333a3a3a303a3a3a4f49445f24232140255f56"}'
Response example
HTTP/1.1 201 Created
        "objectReplicationSchedule" :
                "enabled" : true,
                "finalRunSchedule" : 4294967295,
                "id" : 5,
                "interval" : 1,
                "nextRunSchedule" : 4294967295,
                "objectId" : "63376434346636362d373637632d313164322d393036612d3439653162623836346232333a3a3a343a3a3a353a3a3a303a3a3a4f49445f24232140255f56",
                "policyId" : "c7d44f66-767c-11d2-906a-49e1bb864b23",
                "type" : "PERIODIC",
                "unit" : "DAY"


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