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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Acquiring the correct admin EVS IP address

This section provides information about acquiring the correct admin Enterprise Virtual System (EVS) IP address.


This IP is the IP of the REST API server in each API request.

Hitachi NAS Platform

When you are in the HNAS environment, the admin EVS IP address is required to invoke any file API. Do not confuse this management IP address with the system management unit (SMU) IP address.

  1. Log in to the NAS Manager (this is the GUI software within the HNAS product). From the server settings region click EVS Management. NAS Manager displays the EVS Management window:

    HNAS Platform 4xxx series step 1
  2. In the Type column of the EVS list, identify the EVS that has the "admin services" type. This is the administrative EVS.

  3. Examine the IP address of this EVS in the First IP Address column.

  4. If the administrative EVS is a reachable public server, record the IP address in the First IP Address column and exit the EVS Management window. If the administrative EVS is not a reachable public server, click Details at the far right of the administrative server row to display the EVS Details window as shown in the following figure. Record the IP address of the reachable public server in the IP addresses list.

    Step 4 of acquiring a management IP address You now have a valid admin EVS IP address that you can use for HNAS API requests.

VSP N series and VSP Gx00 and Fx00 with NAS modules

To acquire an HNAS management IP or GUM IP address using Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator to log into the service processor (SVP), perform the following steps.

  1. Log in as system administrator in Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator. The URL for a system admin is different from the URL for a user.

    HM00 with unified NAS storage step 1
  2. In SVP, look for the controller IP addresses to acquire the GUM IP addresses that will be used as the HNAS management IP address for the file API parameter. Note that either GUM IP address can be used for the file API to return the identical result. If any HNAS cluster node fails, the other GUM IP can be used as a backup.

    HM00 with unified NAS storage step 2


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