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Getting started

All completable actions have predefined roles, which are controlled by a system admin who assigns them to bucket owners.

In order to use the S3 Console, bucket owners must first generate their S3 credentials.

Logging in as an admin

A system admin is a user under the local admin account.
ImportantThe local admin user cannot log in to the S3 Console directly like basic users. The admin user can only login via the admin port.

To log in to the S3 Console as an admin:


  1. Connect to the admin port:

  2. Select S3 Console.

Logging in as a user

NoteThe local admin user is required to log in through the admin port and can not access the S3 Console through the user login page, as it is a realmless acount. To log in as an admin, see Logging in as an admin.
To log in to the S3 Console:


  1. Enter your Username and Password.

  2. If Security Realm is presented, select the appropriate realm.

  3. Click Log in.

Generating S3 credentials

S3 credentials are used to connect to the S3 gateway for S3 operations. They are the credentials assigned to a bucket owner, allowing you to create and manage buckets and objects from within HCP for cloud scale.

WARNINGGenerating S3 credentials (Access Key and Secret Key) will invalidate any previously created keys. Additionally, these keys are only viewable to the user when they are generated. If lost, new keys will need to be created.

To generate new S3 credentials:


  1. Click the user icon at the top right corner of the page and select Generate credentials.

  2. To create credentials, click Generate.

    A warning screen appears.
  3. Click Continue.

    New values for Access Key and Secret Key appear.
  4. To copy one of these values, click Copy.

  5. Click Done.

Logging out

To log out of the S3 Console:


  1. In the upper right corner of the screen, click the user icon (GUID-F65C10E6-C9EB-4958-9692-6E677A75CBF1-low.png).

  2. Click Log out.


In the S3 Console app, the following rules apply to permissions:

  • You can view and browse buckets and objects that you are given access to.
  • Only bucket owners have the ability to view policies or assign them to buckets, even if you are provided access to those buckets.
  • Only an admin can assign roles to bucket owners to provide the proper privileges for them to be able to configure and view bucket policies.

The following HCP for cloud scale roles can be applied and allow/disallow bucket owners to:

  • Set sync-to replication policies: data:bucket:sync:to:set
  • Set sync-from replication policies: data:bucket:sync:from:set
  • View sync-to and sync-from replication policies: data:bucket:sync:get
NoteYou are required to have s3:user:generate_credentials permission to log into the S3 Console.

For more information on assigning roles, see the Administrator Help.


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