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Refreshing the Active Directory status

Tenants and Namespaces can exist without Service Principal Names. HCP creates a table of unassigned Tenants and Namespaces under the Status panel of the Active Directory page under Security.

The Status panel automatically refreshes every twenty four hours, but it can also be manually refreshed. You can use the Active Directory page in the HCP System Management Console to refresh the status of the AD SPNs. The manual console refresh also attempts to automatically repair any SPNs that are missing. To display this page, in the top-level menu of the System Management Console, select Security Active Directory.

NoteTo view the Active Directory page and refresh the AD status, you need the security role.

To refresh the AD status, on the Active Directory page:

  1. If support for AD is not currently enabled:
    1. Select Active Directory.
    2. Select Enable Active Directory.
  2. Click Refresh Status.


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