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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Walking the MIB

To find out exactly which fields HCP exposes under mib-2 and ucdavis, you can have the SNMP client query HCP for the exposed fields. This is called walking the MIB.

How you walk the MIB depends on your SNMP tool. The following instruction uses the command-line tool from the publicly available net-snmp package, which you can download from To walk the MIB with net-snmp, you use the snmpwalk command with this format:

snmpwalk-v snmp-version -csnmp-community-name

The string node-ip-address-or-hostname is a valid front-end IP address or hostname of a storage node in the HCP system. The node that you specify must be running and healthy (that is, it must be available to the system).

his sample snmpwalk command queries the node with the IP address for the fields that HCP exposes in subtrees branching from mib-2:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c public mib-2


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