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Changing the default downstream DNS configuration settings for a network

When you create a new network with the Create Network wizard, the network is configured to use these default downstream DNS configuration options:

  • Hidden master is disabled
  • Notify is disabled
  • The refresh rate is three hours

After you have created a new network, at any time, you can use the Networks Network View page to change these default settings.


  1. On the Networks Network View page, click the name of the network for which you want to change the default downstream DNS configuration settings.

  2. Take one of these actions:

    • If the Settings panel opens, go to step 4.

    • If the IP Configuration panel opens, click the Settings tab at the top of the panel to display the Settings panel.

  3. On the Settings panel, click Downstream DNS Configuration to view the downstream DNS configuration settings.

  4. In the Downstream DNS Configuration section:

    1. To enable hidden master, select Enable hidden master.

    2. To enable notify, select Enable notify.

    3. If you are enabling hidden master or notify, in the Downstream DNS Servers field, type a comma-separated list of between one and ten downstream DNS server IP addresses.

      Spaces are not allowed.


      If a secondary IPv6 subnet is defined for the network, then each IPv6 address that you specify in the downstream DNS server list must either be on the secondary IPv6 subnet or be routable from the primary IPv6 gateway that’s defined for the network.

    4. To change the refresh rate, in the Refresh Rate field, type the new refresh rate.


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