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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

HCP networks

HCP has two networks that are created during system installation: [hcp_system] and [hcp_backend]. The [hcp_system] network is used for front-end communication with the system. The [hcp_backend] network is used for communication between the nodes in the HCP system. Modifying the [hcp_system] and [hcp_backend] networks requires the service role and should be done only by authorized HCP service providers.

With certain HCP system hardware configurations, an [hcp_management] network is created during installation and can be enabled once the system is running. The [hcp_management] network needs to be enabled by a system administrator. The management network segregates system and tenant administration, management API, SNMP, syslog, outgoing SMTP, and SSH traffic from the [hcp_system] network.


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