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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Changing the custom performance level

At any given time, a sending system on a replication link has a performance level that’s set in accordance with a schedule or a schedule override. The performance level controls the number of replication threads that can run on each node in the system for that link. For the low, medium, and high performance levels, the numbers of threads are one, five, and ten, respectively. For the custom performance level, the default number of threads is 25, but you can change this number.

The performance level is a maximum. On any given node, fewer threads can be running than the number indicated by the performance level.

If a system is sending data on more than one link, the maximum number of threads per node on that system is the total allowed by all those links.

The number of threads for the custom performance level is a systemwide setting that applies to all links in which the system participates.

Before you begin

  • To perform the activities in this procedure, you need the service role.
  • If a sending system is already using the custom performance level when you change the number of threads, you need to suspend and resume the link for the change to take effect.


  1. In the top-level menu of the HCP System Management Console, select Configuration Miscellaneous.

  2. In the Replication Threads for Custom Performance Level field, type the new number of threads for the custom performance level.

    Valid values are integers in the range one through 25.
  3. Click Update Settings.


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