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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Monitoring replication

You can monitor the status of each currently configured replication link, as well as replication and recovery activity on the link, in the HCP System Management Console for either system involved in the link. By periodically reviewing link activity, you can decide whether to change the replication rate in the link configuration to accommodate other loads on system performance. You can also determine whether you need to add more storage capacity to either system.

Under normal circumstances, the Replication service works without any intervention required. System Management Console alerts inform you of conditions, such as network connection problems, that may require action on your part to allow the service to continue processing.

For HCP tenants, you can control whether information about replication activity is displayed in the Tenant Management Console. For the default tenant, this information is always displayed.

This section of the Help describes the information available to you for the links you’ve created.

To monitor replication, you need the monitor or administrator role.

You can also use the HCP management API to monitor replication links.


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