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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Labeled holds in a replication topology

In a replication topology, when one or more labeled retention holds are placed on an object, there is a small time period when the hold settings will not be synchronized across all clusters. In a healthy replication environment, this time period should be minimal.

Before labeled hold settings are synchronized, the object is not protected from deletion. The object should not be considered on labeled retention hold until all clusters in the replication topology are synchronized.

There are several ways to verify the labeled hold status of an object in a replication topology, including:

  • Use the REST API HTTP HEAD request with the X-HCP-Get-Replicated:true parameter on the same cluster where you added the labeled hold. In the resulting response header, check that X-HCP-Replicated:true.
  • Use the HTTP HEAD request against the object on each cluster in the replicated topology. In the resulting response header, check that X-HCP-LabelRetentionHold:true.
  • View the object in the NameSpace Browser on each cluster in the replication topology. Look in the Metadata column associated with object to verify that the lock icon, indicating that retention hold is enabled, is displayed.


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