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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Suspending and resuming activity on an individual link

You can suspend and resume replication or recovery activity on individual replication links. When you suspend activity on a link, HCP stops all send activity on the link. You might suspend activity on a link, for example, before making changes to system hardware or to the network over which the two systems involved in the link communicate with each other.

While send activity is suspended on a link, the applicable HCP tenants and namespaces and default-namespace directories on each system remain read-write or read-only, as applicable. Additionally, the link continues to support other functions such as read from remote and repair from remote.

Resuming activity on a link restarts all send activity on the link. After suspending activity on a link, you need to resume activity manually.

Suspending activity on a link in an erasure coding topology prevents each system involved in the link from sending full copies of object data and chunks for objects to the other system over that link. Link suspensions, therefore, may prevent newly ingested objects from being protected. Suspending a link does not prevent full copies of object data from being reduced to chunks on the systems involved in the link.

The Replication service periodically checkpoints its progress. When you suspend activity on a link, no special checkpoint occurs. When you resume link activity, therefore, processing starts from the last checkpoint before the suspension.


  1. In the top-level menu of the System Management Console for either system involved in the link, select Services Replication.

  2. On the replication Links page, click the link on which you want you want to suspend or resume activity.

  3. On the replication link details page, click Link.

  4. In the replication Link panel, click the Management tab.

  5. In the link Management panel, click Suspend or Resume, as applicable.


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