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Retention-related properties

Ownership and permission changes for objects under retention

Namespaces have two properties that affect objects under retention:

  • Whether changes to POSIX UIDs and GIDs and to object owners are allowed
  • Which custom metadata operations are allowed

Custom metadata operations for objects under retention

Custom metadata is user-supplied information that describes an object in a namespace. For objects that are not under retention, users can add, replace, and delete custom metadata annotations as needed. For objects that are under retention, the operations allowed for custom metadata annotations are determined by a namespace-level setting.

You can configure a namespace to:

  • Allow annotations to be added, replaced, and deleted for objects under retention
  • Allow annotations to be added for objects under retention but not replaced or deleted
  • Disallow all annotations operations for objects under retention

When you create a namespace, only the addition of annotations is allowed for objects under retention. You can change this setting at any time.


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