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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Storage node page alerts

The System Management Console uses system health icons for alerts that appear on the Storage Node page. These alerts are described in the table below. The alerts are listed alphabetically by their hover text. Alerts with text beginning with a number are listed first, in alphabetical order by the variable that represents the number.

  • bad-interface-count of interface-count network interfaces are not functioning properly


    One or more NICs in the node are not functioning properly. Contact your authorized HCP service provider.

  • bad-storage-device-count of storage-device-count storage devices are not functioning correctly


    One or more physical storage devices managed by the node are not functioning properly. Contact your authorized HCP service provider.

  • file-system-count file systems on storage-device-count devices


    The node has the indicated number of file systems, which map to the indicated number of physical storage devices.

  • sensor-count IPMI sensors are indicating problems


    The indicated number of IPMI sensors are detecting one or more problems in the node. For more information, review the IPMI details.

  • All file-system-count file systems have sufficient space and inodes


    All the file systems on the node have space and inodes available for storing additional objects.

  • All IPMI sensors report normal operation


    All components monitored by IPMI are functioning normally.

  • All network interfaces are functioning properly


    All NICs in the node are functioning properly.

  • Core hardware is functioning normally


    The load and rate of page swapping on the node are within the acceptable range.

  • Core hardware may need attention


    The node is experiencing a heavy load or a high rate of page swapping. Contact your authorized HCP service provider.

  • File system is running out of space or inodes


    One or more file systems have no more available space or no more available inodes. ontact your authorized HCP service provider.

  • Logical volume usage


    The logical volumes managed by the node have the status, capacity, and used space shown when you expand the alert.

  • Multipath degraded


    For SAIN systems configured with multipathing, a physical connection between the node and the SAN storage has failed. Contact your authorized HCP service provider.

  • No IPMI status is available


    The node does not contain IPMI sensors.

  • Node has been removed


    The node has been removed from the HCP system permanently. You cannot reuse its back-end IP address for any nodes you subsequently add to the system.

  • Node is not available


    The node is unavailable for one of these reasons:

    • It is starting up but not yet able to perform HCP functions.
    • It is shutting down and no longer able to perform HCP functions.
    • It is not running or is unable to communicate with the rest of the HCP system.


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