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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Enabling or disabling the Search Console

To enable the HCP Search Console, you select a search facility to be used with it. If you do not select a search facility, users cannot access the Search Console at all.

Tenant administrators need to know which search facility, if any, is enabled at any given time. This is because the choice of search facility:

  • Determines which index, if any, is used as the source of indexing statistics in the System Management Console and Tenant Management Console
  • Affects namespace indexing options in the Tenant Management Console
  • Determines whether Search Console users need an HDDS user account in order to perform searches
NoteIf the Search Console is currently enabled, before disabling it, you should notify your tenant contacts. You should notify them again when access to the Search Console is restored.

To enable or disable the Search Console, in the Search Console section on the Search page in the System Management Console:

Before you begin

To view the Search page, you need the monitor or administrator role. To configure search, you need the administrator role.


  1. Take one of these actions:

    • To enable the Search Console, select either Metadata Query Engine or Hitachi Data Discovery Suite (for the HDDS search facility).
    • To disable the Search Console, select Disable Search Console.
  2. Click Update Console Settings.


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