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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

SNMP MIB support

You can use SNMP with HCP to view and modify system settings and receive notifications of certain types of events. HCP comes with a MIB, defined in the HCP-MIB.txt file, that includes fields and traps specific to the system. HCP also supports many of the standard Linux-based MIBs available with SNMP.

HCP-MIB exposes information about the HCP system as a whole, so you get the same information regardless of which storage node you access.

The standard MIBs, on the other hand, expose information about individual nodes, so the information you get applies only to the specific storage node that you access. You can use many of the fields in HCP-MIB to both view and modify system values.

With the fields in the standard MIBs, you can view only system values. This chapter lists the supported standard MIBs and explains how to find out which fields are exposed through them. (HCP exposes all the fields in HCP-MIB.)


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