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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Viewing a License

To view your licenses, go to Storage > Licenses page of the System Management Console. From there, you can monitor your current license and the license history.

NoteYou need the administrator or monitor role to access Storage > Licenses.

The page contains the following information about your current license:

  • Type: the type of license that is used. The possible types are:
    • Basic
    • Premium
    • Extended
  • HCP system serial number: Is the serial number for the HCP system.
  • Capacity: the amount of storage capacity that the license provides.
  • Remaining: the amount of storage capacity on the license that is unused.
  • Expiration date: the date that the license expires. There may not be an expiration date.
  • Status: describes the current state of the storage license. The possible values are:
    • OK: The storage license has not been exceeded or expired.
    • Storage license has expired: The storage license is out of date. Even if the storage license capacity hasn’t been exceeded, a new license needs to be uploaded if the current one expires.
    • Storage license is not a valid license for this system: The storage license serial number does not match the HCP system serial number. This only occurs if the HCP system serial number changes during an upgrade, but, if it happens, a new license with an updated system serial number must be uploaded.
    • Usage has exceeded license capacity: The storage capacity of the basic, premium, or extended license has been exceeded. If the storage space of a license has been exceeded, a new license with a larger amount of storage capacity must be uploaded to replace the current one.

The License History panel keeps a record of all licenses uploaded to the system. If a license is uploaded, expires, is in danger of being exceeded, or is exceeded, the event is visible in the License History panel. Click any event in the panel to see more information about it.


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