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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge


A license specifies the amount of storage and the HCP features that you can use. The storage can either be on HCP and S Series Nodes or on an extended storage tier. Licenses are available for all system configurations (RAIN, SAIN, and HCP Virtual Machine).

All HCP systems are required to have a basic license or a premium license. A newly installed system comes with a default basic license and a default extended license. The default basic license lets you use two terabytes of HCP system and S Series Node storage. The default extended storage license lets you tier two terabytes of data to extended storage. You can request to have other licenses added when your configuration is installed.

If a basic, premium, or extended storage license is exceeded or expires, a warning message is displayed on the System Management Console Overview page under System Status. Monitoring mechanisms such as syslog, system log messages, and SNMP send reminders every twenty-four hours asking the system administrator to upload a new storage license. You must get a new basic license or premium license to increase your storage capacity. You must get a new extended license to increase your tiering capacity.

In HCP RAIN systems with a data protection level (DPL) of two, object copies do not take up storage license space. For example, if you have two terabytes of DPL 2 objects, you have used only one terabyte of your storage license.

If the HCP system serial number changes, you must upload a new license with an updated serial number.


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