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Retention policy

The retention policy determines how long an object must remain in the repository. Each object has its own retention policy settings. These settings are part of the object metadata.

The retention policy consists of two settings:

  • A retention setting, which is one of these:
    • A specific date and time

      before which the object cannot be deleted.

    • Deletion Allowed

      which means that the object can be deleted at any time.

    • Deletion Prohibited

      which means that the object can never be deleted.

    • Initial Unspecified

      which means that the object has not yet been assigned one of the other possible retention settings. Objects with a setting of Initial Unspecified cannot be deleted.

    • A retention class

      which prevents an object from being deleted before a certain amount of time past its creation date. The specific amount of time is part of the retention class definition.

  • A hold setting. An object is either on hold or not. An object that is on hold cannot be deleted through any mechanism under any circumstances. Objects can be placed on hold or released from hold at any time.

Users and applications can see and modify retention policy settings.

NoteIf the namespace is in enterprise mode, the privileged delete function can be used to delete objects regardless of their retention setting, except when the objects are on hold.


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