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Tenant administration

Tenants are the administrative entities that own and manage namespaces. When an HCP system is first installed, no tenants exist. You use the HCP System Management Console to create them as needed.

Tenant-level administrators create HCP namespaces in the Tenant Management Console. When you create the default tenant, HCP automatically creates the default namespace.

After creating a tenant, you can modify only some of its properties. You can delete a tenant only if it has no namespaces.

This section of the help contains information about:

The information displayed for tenants

Creating, modifying, and deleting tenants

Accessing the Tenant Management Console for a tenant

Resetting tenant security (HCP tenants only)

Changing the product branding that’s exposed to tenants

Selecting the protocol optimization option you want for the tenant

For an introduction to tenants, see Namespaces and tenants.

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