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System monitoring

HCP maintains a system log in which it records messages about events that happen within the system. You can view this log in the HCP System Management Console. You also have the option of sending system log messages to syslog servers, SNMP managers, and/or email addresses. Additionally, you can use SNMP to view and, when allowed, change HCP system settings.

The System Management Console lets you monitor CPU, memory, logical-volume, and network usage. You can use the information presented to analyze trends in the use of these resources and to decide when you need to take action to ensure that HCP uses its resources effectively.

To track system capacity and bandwidth usage at the tenant and namespace levels, you can generate chargeback reports. These reports can be used as input to billing applications.

You can configure HCP to push information to Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) so you can monitor and manage HCP along with your other Hitachi storage systems from a single console.

This chapter:

Describes the information available in the system log and explains how to view the log

Explains how to send log messages to specified syslog servers, SNMP managers, and email addresses

Explains how to configure SNMP for viewing and changing system settings

Describes the information available about system resource usage

Explains how to generate chargeback reports

Explains how to configure the HDvM connection (SAIN systems only)

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