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Storage administration

By default, HCP stores all objects in a repository on primary running storage. However, you can use HCP S Series Nodes as an alternative to primary running storage. HCP also supports the use of primary spindown storage, (SAIN systems only), S Series storage (that is, storage provided by S Series Nodes), and extended storage for tiering purposes.

HCP is automatically configured to access and use primary running storage and primary spindown storage, but HCP can also be configured to write directly to S Series Nodes. To configure HCP to store objects on S Series Nodes, however, you need to set up a service plan that targets S Series Node storage as the ingest tier.

S Series storage and extended storage can be used for tiering object data. To enable tiering, you need to manually configure HCP to access each physical storage device and cloud storage service endpoint. However, regardless of the tier on which the data is stored, a copy of the object metadata must always remain on primary running storage.

A service plan defines the ingest tier and one or more storage tiers that can be used to store objects in a namespace. For each object, at any given point in the object lifecycle, the service plan specifies the criteria that determines where the objects are initially ingested, which storage tiers are used to store copies of that object, and the number of copies of that object that must be stored on each tier.

This chapter provides:

An overview of the types of storage that can be used to store objects in an HCP repository

An explanation of how HCP uses storage components and storage pools to represent various types of storage

Instructions on monitoring the health, availability, capacity, and usage of the storage that’s represented by storage pools and components

Instructions on creating, modifying, retiring, abandoning, and deleting S Series and extended storage pools and components

An explanation of how service plans are used to define ingest and storage tiers for a namespace and an explanation of specific rules that determine how HCP stores objects in that namespace on each storage tier

Instructions on creating, modifying, retiring, and deleting service plans

Instructions on assigning a service plan to one or more tenants

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