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Downloading HCP Data Migrator

HCP Data Migrator runs on both Windows and Unix clients. You download the applicable HCP-DM installation file from the Tenant Management Console. That file is then used to install HCP-DM on the client computers.

This chapter describes the system requirements for running HCP-DM and contains instructions for downloading the applicable installation file.

For an introduction to HCP-DM, see HCP Data Migrator. For information on installing and using HCP-DM, see Using HCP Data Migrator.

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HCP-DM system requirements

HCP-DM runs on any Windows or Unix client that supports the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7 update 6 or later. The computer that runs HCP-DM must meet these minimum requirements:

1.6 Ghz processor

2 Gb RAM

100 Mbps Ethernet interface

Windows clients should have the most recent applicable Microsoft Windows Service Pack installed.

© 2015, 2019 Hitachi Vantara Corporation. All rights reserved.

Downloading the HCP-DM installation file

The HCP-DM installation file is:

For Windows, either hcpdm.exe or

For Unix, hcpdm.tgz


Roles: You can download an HCP-DM installation file while logged into the Tenant Management Console with any user account.

To download the HCP-DM installation file you want to use, in the Tenant Management Console:

1.In the top right corner of the Console window, hover over the tools icon ( ClientToolsIcon.png ) to open a dropdown menu.

2.In the dropdown menu, click on the option for the HCP-DM installation file you want:

oHCP-DM (Windows Installer) for hcpdm.exe

oHCP-DM (zip) for

oHCP-DM (tgz) for hcpdm.tgz

3.Save the installation file in the location of your choice.

© 2015, 2019 Hitachi Vantara Corporation. All rights reserved.