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Account administration

As an HCP security administrator, you are responsible for creating and managing HCP system-level user and group accounts. These accounts give users permission to access the HCP System Management Console, the Tenant Management Console for the default tenant, the HCP management API, the HCP metadata query API, and/or the HCP Search Console for the default tenant. For the System and Tenant Management Consoles and the management API, these accounts also determine which actions the user is allowed to perform through the applicable interface.

When creating a user or group account, you associate roles with the account. For a user account, you also specify whether the account is authenticated locally or by RADIUS when used to access an HCP interface. To enable RADIUS authentication, you need to set up connections to one or more RADIUS servers.

You can create group accounts only if HCP is configured to support Active Directory.

This chapter explains how to:

Create and manage user and group accounts

Change System Management Console login settings

For information on setting up connections to RADIUS servers, see Configuring connections to RADIUS servers. For information on configuring support for AD, see Configuring Active Directory or Windows workgroup support.

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