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Usage considerations

This chapter contains considerations that apply to searching namespaces.

Limitation on content indexing

HDDS indexes the metadata but not the content of objects larger than ten MB or compressed objects that expand to more than ten MB.

Searching for object names without UTF-8 encoding

When searching namespaces, HDDS and HCP rely on UTF-8 encoding conventions to find objects by name. If the name of an object is not UTF-8 encoded, searches for the object by name may return unexpected results.

Searching for emails based on sent date

While the HDDS search facility is active, a structured search for the Email Sent Date property or an advanced search for the emaildate property does not return email objects that have a sent date later than the year 2038.

Search failures due to insufficient memory

While the metadata query engine is active, a query may fail if the metadata query engine does not have enough memory to return the results.

To work around this issue, specify more precise query criteria to return fewer results.

Differences in information returned by the search facilities

Identical queries can return different results depending on the active search facility. For more information on search results while the HDDS search facility is active, see the applicable HDDS documentation.

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