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Management API Reference

    The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) management API is a RESTful HTTP interface to a subset of the administrative functions of an HCP system. Using this API, you can manage tenants, namespaces, downstream DNS settings for networks, retention classes, content classes, system-level user account passwords, tenant-level user and group accounts (HCP tenants only), replication, erasure coding, HCP licenses, and the HCP internal logs.

    Each entity you can manage is referred to as a resource. Each resource has properties that provide information about it.

    This section of the Help:

    Describes what you can do with the management API

    Explains who can use the management API

    Contains an introduction to resources and properties

    Lists the HTTP methods supported by the management API

    Describes the input and output formats supported by the management API

    Introduces query parameters that can be used with resource requests

    Describes HCP-specific headers that are returned in response to resource requests

    Provides instructions for enabling the management API

    To learn about the HCP functions you can administer with the management API, see the applicable topics in this Help and the applicable sections of Managing the Default Tenant and Namespace.



    Most of the examples in this book use cURL and Python with PycURL, a Python interface that uses the libcurl library. cURL and PycURL are both freely available open-source software. You can download them from

    In version 7.12.1 of PycURL, the PUT method was deprecated and replaced with UPLOAD. The Python examples in this book show UPLOAD but work equally well with PUT.

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