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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Open Source Software

Open Source Software
The open source software content in Hitachi Vantara products may be found in the open source software documentation for the product or, as applicable, on this Open Source License Website.

To the extent the license for any open source software requires Hitachi Vantara to make available certain source code and/or modifications, you may obtain a copy of the applicable files by sending a written request with your name and address to: Product Manager of [Insert Product Name], Hitachi Vantara LLC, 2535 Augustine Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054. 

List of documents

Data Center Analytics
Document Part Number Size
Hitachi Data Center Analytics - Open Source Software Packages OSS-packages 120.4KB
Hitachi Data Center Analytics Version 8.3 - Open Source Software Packages OSS-packages 178.5KB
HCP Rhino
Document Part Number Size
Rhino-OS-BOM-Report-PDF.pdf Rhino-OS-BOM-Report-PDF 1.4MB
Hitachi Automated Store
Document Part Number Size
HV_AS_OSS_Licenses_v1.0.pdf v1.0 198.2KB
HV_AS_OSS_ThirdParty_Licenses_v1.0.pdf v1.0 114.7KB
Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform
Document Part Number Size
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v1.10.3.pdf v1.10.3 1.8MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v1.13.1.pdf v1.13.1 1.6MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v1.14.0.pdf v1.14.0 1.6MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v1.4.1.pdf v1.4.1 1.4MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v1.5.1.pdf v1.5.1 1.7MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v1.6.1.pdf v1.6.1 1.8MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v1.7.0.pdf v1.7.0 1.7MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v1.8.1.pdf v1.8.1 1.6MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v1.9.0.pdf v1.9.0 1.6MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v2.0.0.pdf v2.0.0 1.6MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v2.3.0.pdf v2.3.0 1.6MB
HCAP_OSS_Licenses_v2.4.0.pdf v2.4.0 1.6MB
Hitachi Content Intelligence
Document Part Number Size
Hitachi Content Intelligence 1.1 - Open Source Software Packages OSS-packages 257.8KB
HCI_OSS_Licenses_v1.10.0.pdf v1.10.0 2.2MB
HCI_OSS_Licenses_v1.6.0.pdf v1.6.0 1.8MB
HCI_OSS_Licenses_v1.6.4.pdf v1.6.4 325.6KB
HCI_OSS_Licenses_v2.1.0.pdf v2.1.0 1.6MB
HCI_OSS_Licenses_v2.2.1.pdf v2.2.1 1.6MB
Hitachi Content Platform - S Series
Document Part Number Size
HCPS_OSS_Licenses_v2.2.0.pdf v2.2.0 1.4MB
HCPS_OSS_Licenses_v3.1.1.pdf v3.1.1 1.5MB
HCPS_OSS_Licenses_v3.1.1.Seagate.OSS.0902.2020.pdf v3.1.1.Seagate.OSS.0902.2020 284.3KB
Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere
Document Part Number Size
HCPAW_OSS_Licenses_v4.4.1.pdf v4.4.1 1.3MB
HCPAW_OSS_Licenses_v4.4.2.pdf v4.4.2 1007.7KB
HCPAW_OSS_Licenses_v4.4.3.pdf v4.4.3 1.2MB
HCPAW_OSS_Licenses_v4.5.4.pdf v4.5.4 1.3MB
HCPAW_OSS_Licenses_v4.5.6.2.pdf v4.5.6.2 1.1MB
Hitachi Image Based Insights
Document Part Number Size
HIBI_OSS_Licenses_v1.0.pdf v1.0 1.5MB
Hitachi Ops Center
Document Part Number Size
Open Source Software Packages v10.8.1 3.8MB
Open Source Software Packages v10.8.2 3.7MB
Open Source Software Packages v10.8.3 3.8MB
Open Source Software Packages v10.9.0 3.6MB
Open Source Software Packages v10.9.1 3.7MB
Open Source Software Packages v10.9.2-02 3.7MB
Open Source Software Packages v10.9.2 3.7MB
Open Source Software Packages v10.9.3-00 3.4MB
Hitachi React UI Kit
Document Part Number Size
HVS-uikit-react_OSS_Licenses_v3.x.x.pdf v3.x.x 635.9KB
Hitachi Visualization Suite
Document Part Number Size
HVS_OSS_Licenses_v6.4.4.pdf v6.4.4 1.1MB
HVS_OSS_Licenses_v6.4.pdf v6.4 1.1MB
HVS_OSS_Licenses_v6.5.X.pdf v6.5.X 1.1MB
HVS_OSS_Licenses_v7.0.0.pdf v7.0.0 3.3MB
HVS_OSS_Licenses_v7.0.X.pdf v7.0.X 3.2MB
HVS_OSS_Licenses_v7.1.X.pdf v7.1.X 3.2MB
Lumada Data Catalog
Document Part Number Size
LDC_OSS_Licenses_v4.1.pdf v4.1 1.5MB
LDC_OSS_Licenses_v6.0.1.pdf v6.0.1 778.3KB
LDC_OSS_Licenses_v6.0.pdf v6.0 778.3KB
LDC_OSS_Licenses_v7.0.1.pdf v7.0.1 778.3KB
LDC_OSS_Licenses_v7.2.pdf v7.2 778.3KB
LDC_OSS_Licenses_v7.3.pdf v7.3 778.3KB
Lumada Data Optimizer
Document Part Number Size
LDO_OSS_Licenses_v1.1.0.pdf v1.1.0 211.6KB
Lumada Edge Intelligence
Document Part Number Size
Foundry_OSS_Licenses_v2.1.1.pdf v2.1.1 1.3MB
LEI-_OSS_Licenses_3.0.0.pdf 3.0.0 575.0KB
LEI_OSS_Licenses_v4.0.0.pdf v4.0.0 2.1MB
Lumada Maintainence Insights
Document Part Number Size
MaintenanceInsights-Product_OSS_Licenses_3.0.pdf 3.0 1.6MB
Lumada Manufacturing Insights
Document Part Number Size
MFI_OSS_Licenses_v2.5.0.pdf v2.5.0 2.2MB
MFI_OSS_Licenses_v2.6.0.pdf v2.6.0 2.8MB
MFI_OSS_Licenses_v2.6.1.pdf v2.6.1 3.0MB
UnifiedMFI_OSS_Licenses_v3.0.0.pdf v3.0.0 3.2MB
UnifiedMFI_OSS_Licenses_v3.1.0.pdf v3.1.0 4.1MB
UnifiedMFI_OSS_Licenses_v3.1.1.pdf v3.1.1 3.9MB
UCP Advisor
Document Part Number Size
UCPAdvisor_OSS_Licenses_v3.8.0.pdf v3.8.0 447.5KB
UCPDeploymentManager_OSS_Licenses_v4.0.0.pdf v4.0.0 370.5KB


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