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Overview of performance management

The performance management software products for Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series (VSP 5000 series) and Virtual Storage Platform E series (VSP E series) enable you to monitor and tune storage system performance to improve and optimize storage utilization and performance.

  • Performance Monitor (PerfMon): Enables you to collect and analyze detailed performance and usage statistics for your storage system as well as statistics about workloads on drives and traffic between the hosts and the storage system. You can view the data in lists and on graphs, and you can export the data for analysis in a spreadsheet and other applications.
  • Server Priority Manager (SPM): Enables you to control port activity to provide high-priority hosts with higher throughput and prevent production servers from experiencing degraded performance. Server Priority Manager monitors the data being collected by Performance Monitor and applies upper-limit control and threshold control according to user-specified settings.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Enables you to monitor and control I/O processing at the volume level to ensure that performance and quality requirements are met for individual volumes (The QoS function is available in SVOS RF 9.3 and later for VSP 5000 series).
  • Virtual Partition Manager (VPM): Enables you to configure logical cache partitions on your storage system. These cache partitions help to maintain performance for high-priority activities by acting as dedicated storage resources that are independently managed and reserved for specific applications.

You can perform performance management operations using Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator and Command Control Interface (CCI). For details about CCI, see the Command Control Interface User and Reference Guide.

Requirements for using performance functions

The following lists and describes the system requirements and permissions for using the performance management functions.
  • License keys for performance management: The license keys for the following software products must be installed on the storage system:
    • Performance Monitor
    • Server Priority Manager
    • Virtual Partition Manager

    For details about installing license keys, see the System Administrator Guide.

  • Access privileges for Device Manager - Storage Navigator: Administrator access for Device Manager - Storage Navigator or write access for the performance management software products is required to perform operations. Users without Administrator access or write access can only view the performance management information and settings. You need specific administrator roles to use the following functions:
    • Performance Monitor: Storage Administrator (Performance Management)
    • Server Priority Manager, Virtual Partition Manager: Storage Administrator (System Resource Management)
  • Java: Java is required to use Server Priority Manager on the Device Manager - Storage Navigator computer. For details about installing Java and configuring Device Manager - Storage Navigator, see the System Administrator Guide.
  • Secondary windows on Device Manager - Storage Navigator:

    You must enable secondary windows if you plan to use any of the following functions in Device Manager - Storage Navigator (HDvM - SN):

    • Login Message function
    • Data Retention Utility
    • Server Priority Manager
    • Compatible PAV
    • Compatible XRC
    • Volume Retention Manager
    Java and some settings of Device Manager - Storage Navigator are required for the secondary windows. For details about enabling and using the secondary windows, see the System Administrator Guide.
  • Cache memory for Virtual Partition Manager: Use of Virtual Partition Manager might require additional cache memory in your storage system.