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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Command Control Interface command reference

You can use Command Control Interface (CCI) commands to perform some of the actions that you can perform in Device Manager - Storage Navigator.

Device Manager - Storage Navigator actions and CCI commands

The following table lists actions that you can perform for external volumes in Device Manager - Storage Navigator and the corresponding CCI commands.

Device Manager - Storage Navigator action

CCI command

Add External Volumes

raidcom add external_grp

Delete External Volumes

raidcom delete external_grp

Disconnect External Storage Systems

raidcom disconnect external_grp

Reconnect External Storage Systems

raidcom check_ext_storage external_grp

Edit External Volumes

raidcom modify external_grp

Assign MP Unit

raidcom modify external_grp

Disconnect External Volumes

raidcom disconnect external_grp

Reconnect External Volumes

raidcom check_ext_storage external_grp

Disconnect External Paths

raidcom disconnect path

Reconnect External Paths

raidcom check_ext_storage path

Edit External Path Configuration

raidcom add path

raidcom delete path