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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Common Controls UI Reference

This section describes common controls found throughout the UI.

Path Dialog

This dialog is displayed when a path is selected using the Browse button to select a path.

Path Dialog
NodeSelect the node where the path resides. This control may be disabled if the node is already known or cannot be changed.
Directory TreeExpand the directory tree and select the required folder to specify the path.
NoteIf the directory does not exist, it can be created by closing this dialog and typing the required path into the edit box adjacent to the Browse button.
Restrict path(s) to selected node.Appears only when defining a Path Classification for a Policy. The path will be used only in conjunction with the specific Node specified above, rather than being applied to any node.

Date Time Picker

The date time picker control allows a calendar date and time to be selected.

Date Time Picker
HourSelect the hour from the dropdown list.
MinuteSelect the minute from the dropdown list.
SecondSelect the second from the dropdown list.
AM/PMSelect AM or PM (not available if Use 24 hour format is selected in the Settings Wizard).
< View previous month.
> View next month.
MonthSelect the month from the dropdown list.
YearSelect the year from the dropdown list.
DaySelect the day in the calendar (unavailable days are struck through).
NoteIt is necessary to select a Day when setting the Date/Time, if a day is not selected the selection will not take effect.

Date Time Range Picker

The date time range picker allows a calendar date and time range to be selected.

Date/Time Range Picker
PresetsSelect one of the following predefined ranges from the top dropdown list:
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 14 Days
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • Custom Range - enables the calendar controls described below.
FromIf Custom Range is selected, click the lower left field to open a Date Time Picker to select the 'From' date time.
ToIf Custom Range is selected, click the lower right field to open a Date Time Picker to select the 'To' date time.

Hitachi Block Host Resize Dialog

The Logical Device resize dialog can be accessed from the Block Host screen using the GUID-F3994EE7-99EF-4560-AD6B-8FC9ADE162D3-low.png tool bar item. This dialog can be used to resize logical devices represented by the Block Host node that are part of a replication pair. For active live replications both the PVOLS and SVOLS are expanded to the same size. For paused live replications and batch replications only the PVOLS are expanded to the requested size the SVOLS will be expanded when the replication is resumed or resynchronized, see Hitachi Block Device Advanced Settings Dialog for the array settings required to enable this functionality.

NoteAll supported replication types, with the exception of Thin Image replications, can be expanded as well as floating Snapshots.
NoteTo expand replications which have a live cascaded replications the cascaded replications must paused prior to expanding the initial replication.
NoteTo expand a block host which has multiple live replications all except one of the replications must be paused prior to expanding the block host.
Expand Logical Devices - Select Logical Devices

First, select all logical devices that require expansion and click Next

NoteAny entries in the table with the GUID-E7FCC95A-1B14-42A7-B095-C9B1F1172769-low.png are LDEVs which are not available for expansion. Hovering the mouse pointer over the warning triangle will give more information as to why the LDEV can not be expanded.
Expand Logical Devices - Input Expand by Amount

Then for each selected logical device specify how much to expand the volume by in units of GB or TB.

NoteDuring the expansion of a live replication it be paused, then the PVOL(s) and SVOL(s) will be expanded and finally the replication will be resumed. However, for swapped replications the expansion is done in the reverse order expanding the active SVOL first and then expanding the active PVOL.


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