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What's new

About this document

This document lists the key new software and documentation features and enhancements for Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer v10.0.1-00 with links so that you can learn more about them. For a comprehensive list of new and enhanced features, see the product Release Notes.

What's new?

The following are new software features in this release:

·         New management software suite

Starting with version 10.0.0 this product is a part of the new Hitachi Ops Center management suite with the following new names:

o    Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA) is called Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer

o    Hitachi Data Center Analytics (HDCA) is called Ops Center Analyzer detail view

o    Hitachi Data Center Probe is called Analyzer Probe

·         Ops Center Analyzer viewpoint

Viewpoint checks comprehensive status of data centers around the world from a web browser, which enables you to do the following:

o    Check the status of multiple data centers. You can collectively display and view information about supported resources.

o    Analyze resource issues. You can display information about data center resources and drill-down to identify the location where the problem occurred.

Learn more

·         Ops Center Analyzer and Ops Center Analyzer viewpoint now support logging in with single sign-on from the Hitachi Ops Center Common Services. Learn more

·         Ops Center Analyzer now supports the following Hitachi storage systems:

o    VSP 5100, VSP 5500

o    VSP 5100H, VSP 5500H

·         Ops Center Analyzer detail view now includes a Health Check feature.

The Analyzer detail view Health Check provides overall visibility of your resources across the monitoring environment (storage systems, switches, hosts, and hypervisors) in tree map view in the same pane where you can identify the problem area and drill-down to view the health of underlying resources.

·         The Ops Center Analyzer detail view Custom Reports option was replaced with a Report Builder that helps you create your own queries and generate reports. You can also extend the built-in reports in the Analyzer detail view. In addition, you can create a custom report using the Query Builder or create more complex queries using MQL. This includes operations, such as interval rollup, resource rollup, and so on. This feature replaces the Custom Reports in previous versions. Learn more

·         Ops Center Analyzer Probe and detail view now provide an option to restrict access to Active Directory users (and deny access to local users).

·         Ops Center Analyzer Windows probe now provides the following:

o    A feature to download diagnostic data, collecting various log files that are useful for troubleshooting.

o    Support for collecting Windows process data for target hosts using Perfmon and WMI data on Windows hosts.

·         The Linux probe now collects metrics related to Linux processes from target Linux machines and reports them in the Ops Center Analyzer detail view resource tree: Hosts > Linux > Linux-Host-Instance



Linux Host Process


Process ID

Parent Process ID


Process Status

CPU Utilization

Memory Utilization