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Enabling event alerts

Before users can receive event alerts, alert must be enabled on every event type entity. This article describes the alert feature and the instruction for enabling event alerts.


When alerts are turned on, users can view alerts in the Visualization Suite interface as new events are reported to Visualization Suite. They can change the status of alerts by either acknowledging or closing the alerts. See Managing alerts for more information about alerts.

You can also enable audio alerts for specific event entity types. Whenever Visualization Suite receives an event, users are alerted via system defined audio.

The following describes event alert status managed by the system:

  • Unacknowledged

    An alert has not been acknowledged.

  • Acknowledged

    An alert has been acknowledged by a user. Acknowledged alerts are shown gray.

  • Closed

    An alert that has been closed by a user. Closed alerts are removed from the alert list. The event markers will not show on the map unless their entity types are selected on the map panel.

    NoteAlerts and events are managed separately in Visualization Suite. Closing alerts does not impact visibility of associated events; events will still be available in the Timeline view, Dashboards, and in entity lists, after alerts are.
  • Deleted

    An alert has been deleted from the Visualization Suite database. Alerts are automatically deleted 30 days after they are closed.

As an administrator, you can access the alert database to see the alert status and logs (who changed which alert status and when).

Enable event alerts

You can enable alerts on every event entity type.


  1. Click Map on the menu bar.


  3. Do one of the following:

    • Under Entity Types on the left, click Add Type to add a new entity type.
    • Under Entity Types on the left, locate the entity type, for which you want to enable alerts, then click Go to type detail.
    GUID-4DABBE24-11B8-420F-9F79-445CFDC7F324-low.png The Edit Entity Type window appears.
  4. To enable alerts, select Notify on Object Creation. If you want to alert users via audio, also enable Audio Alert.

  5. To set the alert duration as to how long the alerts must stay on the map, from Persistence on Map, select any of the available options.

  6. Click Save.


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