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OnSSI Ocularis Connector

The OnSSI Ocularis connector enables HVS to communicate and integrate with Ocularis. Video from Ocularis will be seamlessly integrated and displayed within the HVS interface. Within HVS Ocularis can then be correlated to be used with other HVS features. The integration relies upon the capabilities of the Ocularis SDK to provide feature accessibility within HVS. 

Prerequisites and Configuration Considerations

  • OnSSI Ocularis VMS integration is supported in HVS version 4.7.5 and above.
  • OnSSI Ocularis Connector runs on a Windows machine (32 or 64 bit).
  • OnSSI Ocularis Runtime SDK must be installed and this SDK package is available for download on TISC.  
  • Compatible versions is v5.4.0.128 x86 (backward compatible with v5.0, v5.1.0.173).
  • Video channels can be discovered through the OnSSI Ocularis VMS.
  • Requires OnSSI Ocularis VMS version 5.x.


See Video Connector Matrix for the supported VMS features for this connector. 


The following are OnSSI Ocularis components: 

  • VMS Event Proxy: Exposes events related to system and cameras
  • VMS Administrator: Manages entire system and bind events to its objects
  • VMS Recorder: Manages video and video devices

Known SDK Limitations

The following list describes the limitations of the OnSSI Ocularis SDK.

Export clip takes a long time

Exporting a clip takes about twice the length of the clip.

Workaround: Not available

Limited supported export format

The video export feature supports the AVI format only.

Workaround: Not available

Tour is not supported by SDK

Tour feature is disabled on HVS UI.

Workaround: Not available. 

Newly added camera may not be shown in HVS (PS-3331)

If camera(s) were to VMS after the OnSSI Ocuis connector had been configured in HVS, they may not show in HVS.

Workaround: Restart HVS OnSSI Connector

Known VMS Limitations

The following describes the limitation of VMS.

Newly added preset may not be shown in HVS (PS-3347)

If preset(s) were added after the OnSSI Ocularis connector had been configured in HVS, they may not show in HVS.

Workaround: Restart VMS Event Proxy Server.

Known Problems

The following describes the known problem with the connector. 

The playback may show latency (PS-3356)

When you start playback, the video may start with a delay of about 20 seconds. This is due to the known delay generated to transcode the video. The connector starts to process frames with correct timestamp, but first 20 seconds are lost due to the delay.

Workaround: Playback from 30 seconds prior to where you want to playback. For example, if you want to playback from 1:00:00, playback from 12:59:30.