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Guetebruck G-Core Connector

The Guetebruck connector enables HVS(4.7.5) to communicate and integrate with Geutebruck G-Core( and above). Video from G-Core will be seamlessly integrated and displayed within the HVS interface. Within HVS Guetebruck can then be correlated to be used with other HVS features. The integration relies upon the capabilities of the G-Core SDK( and above) to provide feature accessibility within HVS. 

Prerequisites and Configuration Considerations

  • Geutebruck G-Core runs on a Windows machine (32 or 64 bit)
  • The G-Core connector runs on a 64 bit Windows machine
  • Video channels can be discovered through the Guetebruck G-Core VMS
  • Tested with G-Core Version
  • The Geutebruck integration is supported in HVS versions 4.7.5 and above


  • Show all cameras from G-Core in HVS "Cameras" view with basic camera information

Live Video

  • See live video streams from within HVS map, video panel, video wall, and details
  • Control PTZ Cameras through the HVS interface
    • Can remotely move the camera Up/Down, Left/Right, Zoom in/out

Video Playback

  • View playback video from a selected time in HVS "Archive" view

Export Video

  • Ability to export recorded video from Geutebruck G-Core in MPEG format in HVS "Archive" view

Known Limitations

FPS: ~10

Resolution: 720p

Number of cameras: Based on hardware specs no software limitations. See Geutebruck G-Core specs.


Guetebruck's VMS is G-Core.