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Genetec Security Center Connector

The Genetec Security Center connectors enables HVS to communicate and integrate with Security Center. Videos from Genetec will be seamlessly integrated and displayed within the HVS interface. Within HVS, Genetec VMS video can then be correlated to be used with other HVS features. The integration relies upon the capabilities of the Genetec SDK to provide feature accessibility within HVS.

Prerequisites and Configuration Considerations

  • Security Center run on a Windows machine (32 or 64 bit)
  • The Genetec connector runs on a 64 bit Windows machine
  • Video channels can be discovered through the Genetec VMS
  • Tested with Omnicast v4.8.2201.19 and Security Center v5.1.5454.123, v5.2.1463.18, and v5.3.1417.47
  • The Genetec integration is supported in HVS versions 4.7.5 and above

VMS requires a security certificate generated by Genetec. To obtain a certificate, please contact the vendor.

(Optionally) fill in the computer name, application name, and application ID to specify the details of your security certificate. If left blank the client certificate will automatically take the details from the certificates folder.


<ApplicationName>Demo Certificate for SDK Development only</ApplicationName>


See Video Connector Matrix for the supported VMS features for this connector. 

Known SDK Limitations

The following list describes the SDK limitations.

The exported video file name is defined by SDK (PS-3350)

The Exported Video will use the IP address/name of the camera plus the start date and time stamp as the file name. It will not contain the clip name that was entered in the HVS interface.

Example: - Camera - 01_2017-04-12_16h40min20s120ms

Workaround: Not available

Exporting a clip is slow for large files. 

Video conversion from G64 to mp4 can be slow on large files.

Workaround: Make shorter clips.

Known Problems

The following describes the known problem with the connector. 

The File Genetec.MediaComponent32.exe may affect CPU and memory usage

Every Genetec live stream and playback stream generates an internal process that does not stop after a stop stream command. This affects CPU and memory usage of the machine.

Workaround: Restart the connector to manual kill all internal processes.

Camera status may not be accurate when either the VMS or cameras go offline

If the VMS goes offline or a camera goes offline while user is streaming video to HVS, video is not closed properly and consequently, ffmpeg is not properly closed.

Workaround: Restart the connector

The playback may show latency (PS-3356)

When you start playback, the video may start with a delay of about 20 seconds. This is due to the known delay generated to transcode the video. The connector starts to process frames with correct timestamp, but first 20 seconds are lost due to the delay.

Workaround: Playback from 30 seconds prior to where you want to playback. For example, if you want to playback from 1:00:00, playback from 12:59:30.