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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge


This guide provides documentation for the Hitachi Protection Platform 8.1.5. The following articles provide PDF documentation.


  • Release Notes
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    The following articles provide PDF documentation for Hitachi Protection Platform 8.1.5 release notes.
  • Protection Platform S-Series Installation Instructions
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    These guide provides instructions for the necessary steps to perform a fresh installation of the Hitachi Data Protection platform software on a Protection Platform S-Series system. This document is intended for Hitachi Data Systems support personnel and others who assist in installing, maintaining, and managing the Protection Platform S-Series system in the backup and restore environment.
    • Protection Platform S-Series v8.1.5 Software Update Instructions
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      This guide provide instructions for the necessary steps to update an existing S-Series Protection Platform software to v8.1.5. You will need the v8.1.5 software file from the Hitachi Data Systems Support Connect ( This document is intended for personnel who assist in installing, maintaining, and managing the S-Series platform in the backup environment.
      • Protection Platform S-Series User Manual
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        This document describes the features and operation of the Hitachi Protection Platform S-Series running software for the delta differencing deduplication technology, tape drive replication options, and Symantec NetBackupTM OpenStorage (OST). This document is intended for use by the system administrator, system programmer, or operator involved in acquiring, managing, or operating the S-Series system in a backup and restore, deduplication, replication, management, and reporting environment.
        • Protection Platform S-Series Swapping Out an SSD Drive
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          This procedure describes the steps to prepare an S-Series system to be cloned for swapping out an SSD disk. The cloning operation requires a USB thumb drive (2GB or greater) and a replacement SSD disk of equal or greater size. The data contained on the USB stick will be over written.
          • Protection Platform NetBackup OST Best Practices
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            OST is an API that allows third-party storage providers to interact with Veritas backup and recovery products. By providing a means for the backup software and storage hardware to link together seamlessly, OST maximizes efficiencies and minimizes complexity. Enterprise-class solutions such as NetBackup and HDS hardware can achieve new levels of backup and recovery performance.