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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Storage system inventory

You can view summaries of storage systems configured in your UCP Advisor environment and manage storage system resources.

In the Navigator window, click Storage, and then select a storage system. Click the Summary tab to access the information summary for the selected storage system.

The following details are provided on the Summary tab:

  • Model:

    Identifies the model number of the storage system.

  • Serial Number:

    Shows the serial number for the selected storage system.

  • Management IP Address:

    Shows the management IP address.

  • Firmware:

    Shows the current firmware level for the storage system.

  • Status:

    Provides the current status for the storage system.

  • Capacity:

    Shows the used, free, and total capacity for the storage system.

Below the summary details is a list of events for the selected storage system that you can use to determine how the storage system is functioning and to see if any errors have occurred.