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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Compute node inventory

You can obtain a summary of pertinent details for a selected compute node (or Hitachi Compute Blade 500 chassis for UCP 4000 systems) by accessing the Summary tab from the UCP Navigator window.

The Summary tab presents general details for a selected server, and the Manage tab provides even more detailed information regarding the various components for a server. For instance, you can see the serial number associated with the server, alerts, and the current operating status for its various components. In addition, you can also replace a server, modify a chassis or server label, or update the firmware.

The Summary tab, shown below, provides information about the server, its location, and its current state.

The following summary details are provided:

  • Serial Number:

    Serial number of the server.

  • BMC IP Address:

    BMC IP address for the server.

  • Host OS:

    ESXi host hypervisor version of the OS.

  • vCenter:

    Indicates the vCenter server to which the host is assigned.

  • DataCenter:

    Indicates where the ESXi host resides.

  • Cluster:

    If applicable, shows the cluster to which the ESXi host is assigned.

  • Status:

    The status can be one of the following:

    • Normal
    • Maintenance
    • Unreachable
  • Model:

    Shows the model of the server.

  • Host IP Address:

    IP address for the server.

  • BIOS Version:

    Shows the current BIOS version.

  • BMC Firmware Version:

    Shows the current BMC firmware version.

  • CMC Version:

    Shows the current CMC version.

  • Chipset:

    Chipset used by the server.

  • No. of CPUs:

    Number of CPUs used by the server.

  • No. of GPUs:

    Number of graphical processing units (GPU) used by the server.

  • Total Memory:

    Total available physical memory available to the server.

  • Tags:

    Shows tags for filtering.

  • Hard Disk Status:

    Shows the current status (present or absent) for the hard disk used by the server.

  • Power Status:

    Shows whether the power is currently on or off.

  • LID Status:

    Shows whether the location ID is on or off for the server.

  • Voltage Status:

    Shows the current voltage status.

  • Fan Status:

    Shows the current fan status.

  • Temperature Status:

    Shows the current temperature for the server.

  • WWN:

    Specifies the WWN for the server.

  • Alerts:

    Shows server alerts with time stamps and severity.

NoteTo get voltage, temperature, and fan status for the CB 500 chassis, you must provide the appropriate SNMP Manager details from the Chassis SVP. On the Administration panel, select SNMP, then click the SNMP Manager tab.

Click Add, then provide the host name IP address for the Advisor gateway and other relevant details.

A collection of icons at the top of the Summary window allows you to quickly perform common operations that affect the performance of the server.