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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Detaching a datastore

You can detach a datastore from one or more hosts. After a datastore is detached from a host, it is no longer available to that host.

CautionIf you detach the datastore from all hosts, it will not be available for reattaching. You might need to present the LU to the host group on the storage system and remount it on the ESXi host before you can attach it again. Make sure you migrate all VMs from the datastore before detaching it.


  1. From the Navigator pane, or the Objects tab, double-click and select the storage system with the datastore to be detached.

  2. Click the Manage tab, and then click the Datastores tab.

  3. Click the Configure Datastore icon.

  4. Click the Detach Datastore option, and then click Next. Click Detach Datastore

  5. Select the datastore that you want to detach (only clusters and hosts where the datastore is attached are displayed). Click Next.

    Detaching a datastore
  6. Select the cluster or host, and then click Next.

  7. Review the summary details, and then click Finish.