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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Using the UCP Advisor REST API

You can use the UCP Advisor REST API to perform management functions. The REST APIs are described and documented in the Swagger UI that is displayed from UCP Advisor.

Alternatively, if the UCP service is running and you know the IP address for the UCP controller VM, you can access the REST APIs in Swagger at: https://<controller-vm-ip>:23015/swagger-ui.html. For more information about the supported API resources, see REST API commands in the UCP AdvisorAdministration Guide.


  1. In the Navigator window, click Administration.

  2. Click the Rest API tab.

  3. Click API Documentation.

  4. Click the options you want for detailed information.

    Initiating a UCP Advisor API session

    To initiate a UCP Advisor API session, you must first get information on the available appliances and generate the required session tokens by invoking the following commands:

    GET https://<IP address of Controller VM> 23015/v1/services/system/actions/GetAppliances/Invoke

    Response Body

        "Id": "a4fc0c0e-b573-411a-a25a-d343f5d1cbc8",
        "Model": "UCP CI",
        "Name": "SCpodB_test",
        "UcpAgentHost": "",
        "UcpAgentPort": 8444,
        "SerialNumber": "UCP-CI-000002"
        "Id": "3490c15a-4002-4d1d-8b4a-88a2c116de99",
        "Model": "UCP CI",
        "Name": "SCpodB",
        "UcpAgentHost": "",
        "UcpAgentPort": 8444,
        "SerialNumber": "UCP-CI-000001"

    POST /services/system/actions/Authenticate/invoke

    Run the authenticate API with appropriate appliance information to get a session token.

      "applianceId": "a4fc0c0e-b573-411a-a25a-d343f5d1cbc8", (Copy this appliance ID from above get appliances output)
      "password": "Passw0rd!",
      "username": "administrator@scpodb.local",
      "vcenterIp": ""

    Response Body

    NoteTo run any APIs in Swagger, use the above session token and provide the required input parameter.

    GET /compute/services/compute-devices/actions/GetAllComputeDevices/invoke