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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Managing Fibre Channel ports

You can determine the ports associated with a Fibre Channel switch and check their current status.

  1. In the UCP Advisor window, click the Fibre Channel icon.

  2. On the Navigator window, click Fibre Channel Switches, then select the switch where you want to review port details.

  3. On the Manage tab, click the Ports tab.

    All of the ports associated with the selected Fibre Channel switch are listed by their port ID, name, and other pertinent details:
    • Port Entry Descriptions

      Port ID: Shows the ID associated with the port.

      Port Name: Shows the port name.

      Speed: Shows the speed classification for the port as follows:

      • AN = Automatic speed negotiation is enabled.
      • Nx = Negotiated x Gbps; for example, N8 speed means the negotiated speed is 8 Gbps.
      • xG = Port speed is set as fixed at x Gbps; for example, 8G indicates that the speed is fixed at 8 Gbps.

      WWN: Shows the World Wide Name (members) associated with the port.

      Status: Indicates whether the port is currently online or not.

      Connected Device Name: The connected Initiator/Target name.

      Connected Device WWN: The connected Initiator/Target PWWN.