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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Upgrading Fibre Channel switch firmware

You can upgrade the firmware for a selected Fibre Channel switch.

Before you begin

  • Prior to upgrading the switch firmware, you must first upload the appropriate firmware bundle from the Firmware tab, available from the Administration selection in the Navigator window.


  1. In the UCP Advisor window, click the Fibre Channel icon.

  2. In the Navigator window, click Fibre Channel Switches, then select the switch with the firmware to be updated.

  3. Click Upgrade Firmware either from the top of the Switches window or as an option from the Actions list. The Upgrade Firmware window opens with a listing of available firmware bundles, along with pertinent details for each entry.

  4. Select the appropriate firmware bundle from the list, then click Next.

  5. If necessary, you can consult the entry in the Recent Tasks window to check that the firmware upgrade task has completed and to determine any other relevant details regarding the task.