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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Fibre Channel switch inventory

You can obtain a summary of pertinent details for a selected Fibre Channel switch by accessing the Summary tab from the UCP Navigator window.

The Summary tab, shown below, provides information about the Fibre Channel switch, its location, and its current state.

Alerts regarding the currently selected switch are shown at the bottom of the Summary window, indicating severity level, source, and type of alert. You can use this information to track alerts that are generated during the operation of the switch.

The following details are provided in the summary:

  • Serial Number:

    Serial number of the switch.

  • Firmware:

    Firmware version for the switch.

    NoteFollowing a firmware upgrade, it can take up to 30 minutes for the new firmware version to be updated in the summary details. However, you can get the latest firmware version by clicking the Refresh button from within the vSphere web client.
  • Fan Status:

    Indicates the current fan status.

    NoteFan status is not provided for the CB 500 chassis.
  • Type:

    Indicates the type of switch (Fibre Channel).

  • Chassis IP:

    IP address of the CB 500 chassis.

  • Name:

    Shows the switch chassis name.

  • Switch Model:

    Indicates the switch model.

  • Status:

    Shows the onboard status as follows:

    • UP
    • DOWN
  • Role:

    Specifies the role for the switch.

  • Chassis Slot:

    Slot ID for in-chassis Fibre Channel switch in CB 500 chassis.

  • IP Address:

    Indicates the IP address for the switch.

  • Power Status:

    Shows the current power status (On or Off).

    NotePower status is not provided for the CB 500 chassis.
  • Temperature:

    Shows the current temperature as follows:

    • Other
    • Unknown
    • Normal
    • Warning
    • Critical
    • Fatal
    NoteTemperature status is not provided for the CB 500 chassis.

A collection of icons at the top of the Summary window allows you to enable and disable the switch, and back up and restore profiles associated with the switch. The following operations are available:

  • Backup Profile

    Backs up the current profile.

  • Restore Profile

    Restores the specified profile.

  • Enable FC Switch

    Enables the Fibre Channel switch.

  • Disable FC Switch

    Disables the Fibre Channel switch.

  • Clear Zone Config

    Clears the zone configuration.