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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Creating and removing a VLAN on an Ethernet switch

You can create or remove a VLAN for a selected Ethernet switch.

  1. In the UCP Advisor window, click the Ethernet Switches icon.

  2. In the Navigator window, click Ethernet Switches, then double-click on the switch where you want to add or remove a VLAN.

  3. On the Manage tab, click the VLAN tab.

    All of the currently active VLANs are listed by their VLAN ID, including name, associated ports, VLAN type, and other details.
  4. To create a new VLAN, click the Create VLAN icon.

  5. Enter the name for the new VLAN, its ID, and specify whether it is a Trunk or Access port by clicking the appropriate button. You can also specify the ports that are to be associated with the newly created VLAN. Selecting a port is optional, and when not selected, the Trunk or Access type is ignored.

  6. Click Submit.

    To remove a VLAN, select the entry in the listing, click the Delete icon, then confirm the deletion.