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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Creating a storage pool

You can create a storage pool with associated parity groups.

  1. On the Storage Pools tab, click the Create Storage Pool icon to create a storage pool for the selected storage system.

  2. In the Create Storage Pool dialog box, specify the following:

    • Pool Name: Name of the storage pool for easy identification.
    • Pool Type: Select the storage pool type.
    • Add Pool Volume: Select the required parity group and specify the size of the allocated capacity (LDEV) that is created in the parity group to be allocated to the pool.
    • Subscription Limit: Specify the overprovisioning limit.
    • Warning Limit(%): Specify the storage pool warning threshold.
    • Depletion Limit(%): Specify the storage pool depletion threshold.
  3. Click Submit.